Clients are provided confidential one-on-one counseling to enable them take decisions that lead to change in their circumstances. Referrals are made to appropriate agencies as necessary.

Domestic Violence Intervention/Sexual and Gender Violence Intervention
Crisis response and long-term support are offered to clients who report cases of domestic violence. We work with other relevant agencies such as the Police and Health Institutions to provide the best possible response to our clients.

Social Support
This is the provision of basic needs to persons who approach us requiring such. This may involve feeding, clothing, a stipend, a listening ear and appropriate referrals to other agencies where necessary. There is also a possibility for longer term counseling or help.

Family Legal Aid and Advisory Support
This involves basic legal aid or advice to indigent women, children or families. Options are explored for affordable legal representation from the Legal Aid Board, FIDA Ghana or Pro Bono Lawyers where necessary.

Trauma Prevention and Support/Mental Health Support Services
In partnership with Centre for Trauma Relief and Prevention (CETRAP), our clinical psychologist and trained counselors provide basic mental health services or/and response for persons with emotional or psychological issues such as anxiety and mood distresses. Referrals are made to mental health facilities where necessary.

The Shelter provides temporary accommodation to women, their children and sexually assaulted young females to ensure their safety. At the Shelter, they receive counseling, food, medical, psychological and pastoral care. They also receive skills training/education. Upon discharge, clients are resettled and reintegrated into their preferred communities as far as possible.

Advocacy, Education and Training
The Ark also offers quality educational programs and training to other organizations, churches, schools, government institutions and individuals on how to address Domestic and other Sexual and Gender Violence, Sexual Harassment, Child Abuse and Protection, Leadership, Personal empowerment and Development and Social Justice issues.

The organization also works with others to undertake Christian Social Action initiatives and programs, including policy and legislative advocacy and community outreaches on these same issues.