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"The Ark offers to vulnerable, distressed and abused persons, in particular women and children, compassionate care and empowering spaces to live without fear of violence or oppression from others and to find strength, dignity and hope for life."

School Sensitization Program

The Ark Foundation Ghana, in April 2018, began a school... (more…)

Partnership with CETRAP

The Ark is partnering with the Centre for Trauma Relief and... (more…)

The Shelter Charity Shop

The Shelter Charity Shop is located at The Ark Foundation’s... (more…)

The Ark Shelter Campaign

The Ark Foundation in collaboration with Hedge... (more…)

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The Ark Shelter


Raise $75,000 to keep the shelter open

The purpose of the campaign is to raise $75,000 to keep the shelter open.

We Worked on Several Projects

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  • Anti-Violence Program (AVP)

    This Program comprises the Crises Response Centre (CRC) Project with its four service sites – the Legal Cen

  • Capacity Building and Advocacy (CABA) Program

    This Program comprises the Women’s Law and Human Rights Institute (WLHRI) and the Monitoring and Advocacy.

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