The Ark Foundation is a non-profit, Christian Mission organization based in Ghana, West Africa. Its primary purpose is to provide compassionate care for the vulnerable, in particular, women and children from a Christian perspective. It also engages in Social Action initiatives to give voice to issues of vulnerability and distress.

The Ark provides the following services in furtherance of its objectives:

— Counseling

— Domestic Violence Intervention

— Sexual and Gender Violence Intervention

— Social Support

— Family Legal Aid and Advisory Support

— Trauma Prevention and Support

— Mental Health Support Services

— Shelter

— Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Reintegration

— Advocacy, Education and Training


The Ark is currently partnering with CENTER FOR TRAUMA RELIEF AND PREVENTION (CETRAP) to offer the full range of services as listed.


The organization is founded on Biblical Christian principles of Love, Mercy and Justice. (Micah 6:8)


— The Ark seeks to offer to vulnerable, marginalized and abused persons, in particular women and children, compassionate care and to find strength, dignity and hope for life.

— The Ark seeks to create empowering spaces for individuals to live without fear of violence or oppression from others and to find strength, dignity and hope for life through active engagement with individuals, civil society and state institutions.

— The Ark seeks to support women and children survivors of gender-based violence and abuse through the provision of integrated services.


• We are Christian
• We are service-oriented
• We value and respect people
• We empower women and girls
• We reach out to the distressed and disadvantaged


The organization is currently partnering with the Centre for Trauma Relief and Prevention (Ghana) to offer psycho-social and trauma prevention services. It is also working out a partnership with Unsilenced Voices, USA, for implementing its Domestic Abuse program. Hedge Ghana is working with The Ark on its sustainable funding project. See